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for years. i got to know his two brothers, president kennedy and robert kennedy. to spend that time with him and be honored by him and by his family, it was unbelievable to be there with him with my family. he was a one-of-a-kind, tavis. he was our shepard, our champion. he spoke up and he spoke out for those who have been left out and left behind. he was a champion of civil rights, voting rights, and i feel very blessed that i had an opportunity to get to know him and work with him for many years. when i got to the house, we extend the voting rights act, improved to civil-rights legislation. we got to do it. we musto it, over and over he would say, and we will do it. it tavistavis: you said it he wr shepherd and champion. what was it about the relationship between the kennedys and black americans? what was it about the relationship between the kennedys and black folks that made for such a special bond? >> there was something about the kennedy family. when president kennedy and ladybird kennedy, and it was passed on to senator kennedy. there was this feelinghate men t thing. that they would
with the sovt union were alln favor of a quick aack... at first. robert kennedy took a different approach. said that this would be a terrible thing in e world becae this would be an urovoked assault and a lot of oth people would get killed that were not nessarily the soviets that we putting up the, thbases. bobby was very eloent. , he, he said, "i do t want my brother "tbe the tojo of amerin history. i do not want us"-- the united states-- "to pull a pearl harr." heanted us to be tough and l of that but not to sike without warning or so on and so rth. narrator for six days, as kendy's advisers aued in secret over wt should be done about the missiles, the president did his st to a as if nothing unusual we happening. and ask for the election of aistinguished governor, mike desalle, who recognizes the probls of this state and untry and wants too something about it naator: even the presint's press secrary was unaware of the missile crisis when kennedy instructehim to tell the pres had a cold and would rern to washington. pierre salinger: and we hded out of the hotel, went to the airport, goon the p
vietnam and immediately called me and asked to see robert kennedy. the two of them thamet. he said that the senator had to run for president and he went on to say how they could not be one. -- that it could not be one. they would not like us less. kennedy said to him that he would run for president if you would run for the senate in new york. cronkite laughed and said that he could not because he did not live in new york, he lived in connecticut. secondly, he said he was not a democrat, he was registered as an independent. i knew he had those feelings about the war and he would take it seriously. he certainly couldn't out vote anyone else like to think of. >> that was 1968. >> no, that was 1972. >> where was that meeting held? the meeting with mr. cronkite and mr. kennedy. >> in senator kennedy's office. on capitol hill. what's how had to come to know senator kennedy in the first place? >> i came to know him because he called me up one day when i was an official in the peace corps. i was the regional director for latin america. i called him up when he was going to latin america as
that traffic circle. they will pull-up to the kbraif site where senator robert kennedy is bierried, there was a gravesite that was excan lated at 7:00 this morning. off to the sides larger arrangements that were centered around white roses, there will be a brief burial ceremony, ledly the archbishop emeritus of the catholic arch die owe cease. we're told there may be a brief, 15 or 20 minutes, and by the book catholic burial service. and you will see a full military hon far guard. you are will see an american flag folded at at the end brought to the widow. much as you would see as a soldier who was killed in iraq or afghanistan. you will hear gun fire, it's not a 21-begin salute, that is reserved for a ahead of state, presidential, but it will be the top, just the next tier of the military funeral because of the senator's longevity of as much as and his rank if you will. and it will be a full military burial, again led by cardinal mccarrick, the family lined up, there are two rows of seats up there, you see the family and the vips in the motorcade and vice president biden arrived i
robert kennedy, and two of them met. i with us there and he began by saying senator you have to run for president because this wore has got to end and went on to say how unwinning it was. said we would win a village in the daytime and have to give it back at the night. vietnamese in the south may not like the north, but they like us less. i knew and kennedy said to him, well then i'll run for president if you run for the senate in new york and cronkite laughed and said i can't. we're closing the first place, i don't live in new york. i live in connecticut and i'm not a democrat. i'm an independent but i knew he had those feelings about the war so, i thought, well maybe he might accept but he would take it seriously i thought. he certainly could out run and out vote anybody else i could think of. >> that was 1968? >> no. 1972. >> where was that meeting held? >> with kennedy? >> mr. cronkite and senator kennedy. on capitol hill? what was your job? >> i was kennedy's press secretary. >> how had you come to know him in the first place? >> he called me up one day when i was offic
. -- of senator edward m. kennedy, who we bury beside his brother, robert kennedy, and the late president john f. kennedy at arlington national cemetery in the next hour or so. this is a stop at the nation's capital. ♪ oh, beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain zplnchts for purple mountains majesty above the fruited plains ♪ ♪ america america ♪ ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ >> so appropriate to have the prayer from father coughlan, roman catholic faith was central to the life of senator kennedy, even when he strayed or sometimes crashed off the straight and narrow life, he always came back to the church. that's his son, patrick, you see in the foreground, standing at the hearse, the body of his father. >> thank you very much for attending. eternal rest granted unto him, oh, lord, and let perpetual life shine upon him. may he rest in peace. may his soul and outlet souls of the faithfully departed to the mercy of god rest in peace. ame amen. >> senator bobby byrd talking with lawrence schribe in
robert kennedy. both of whom, as you recall, were assassinated and teddy kennedy is one of only six senators in u.s. history that ser served for more than 40 years. he really made a very successful career in the senate and was a very, very key figure in the democratic party. specifically you may recall last year he played a very important role in the democratic nomination process when he came out and backed the then-senator barack obama for the democratic nomination. that was a huge boost to the now-president barack obama. very, very important contribution from the kennedy family there. he really was in later years the spokesman for the kennedy family and was in office right up until his death. he was seen on the public scene even very recently during the reform debates over the social health reform in the united states. his health had been suffering of late. he -- we know that he suffered seizures during 2008 and it was actually announced in may of last year he had a malignant brain tumor. despite that, he was able to continue serving in office. let's cross now to dana bash who has
for him and said he is the best hope to extend the vision of my brother, john kennedy and robert kennedy, it did have an enormous impact, didn't it, on the democratic constituencies in the primary states that were still to come. >> it certainly did. even though hillary clinton went on to win big states on super tuesday, the fact that he validated, and caroline did, validated the passing of the torch to this young african-american candidate who did not have a long track record in the senate and with the democratic party nationally, that was such an important moment. it seemed at the time that it would have a huge impact then with the super tuesday victories of hillary clinton. people said maybe it didn't, but it nearly did. in the long run, teddy kennedy, vigorously gng out and campaigning, hitting the road with barack obama. he and caroline and maria shriver and the big event in california made a huge impact on large numbers of voters in critical states. i think that embraced, also at the democratic convention, when he left his hospital bed and also said he was determined to see the janu
'm not surprised. ted kennedy was a senator for america. he picked up obsolete as brother robert scotland, and the things he stood for or national and international. the things he fought for have to do with people all across this country and people in other lands. so now, i'm not really terribly surprised by it, other than the fact that it gets pretty hot and humid for those of us from cape cod when we go to washington in august. >> chris: that's why some of us go to your part of the world, or at least martha's vineyard in the summer to get away from it. paul sheehan, we want to thank you so much for your thoughts today on this special sad but very special day as well. and very much. what is happening right now, quite frankly we cannot see the procession because we don't have cameras every step of the way. but i can give you a little geography lesson. it's heading down constitution avenue along the national mall, means it will go past that hasn't already the washington monument, there you can see, past the washington monument, pass the new world war ii memorial, pasty be a non-veteran's m
, the attorney general, robert kennedy. >> i'm sure that people watching would like to hear from you how mrs. jackie kennedy and the two small children are getting along. >> well, they have their good days and their difficult days. >> the -- john, the young boy, is extremely vigorous and interested in everything, and caroline gets along quite well. >> they have an understanding of what happened? >> well, i imagine as much as children can have. >> his life and death had a meaning, it is that we should not hate but love one another. no memorial or eulogy would more eloquently honor president kennedy's memory than the passage of the civil rights bill, for which he fought for so long. it is in this spirit that i hope the senate would pass this bill. >> we interrupt to bring you this bulletin. a plane carrying senator edward m. kennedy to the massachusetts democratic national convention reportedly crashed tonight. kennedy is reportedly injured. there are two other occupants in the plane tracked in the wreckage. >> we're not sure whether the senator birch bayh was with him or not. the two senators
brothers," our documentary. there's so much to the incredible hour. the saga of john f. kennedy, robert kennedy, of course, ted kennedy, edward moore kennedy. in this clip, bobby kennedy follows in the footsteps of john announcing his running for president in 1968. >> i do not run for the presidency merely to oppose any man, but to propose new policies. >> robert kennedy's passion in his 1968 campaign had little in common with the well-oiled kennedy campaign machine that made jack president eight years earlier. the bobby kennedy campaign, what was different about that from what you remember or knew about the jack kennedy campaigns? >> it was a lot less organized. and you know, my father was very ambivalent as to whether to run, so it was put together more in the half-hazard way. it was his spirit that got him through rather than the american initiation. >> it was an enormous, enormous surge everywhere he went of peaceful enthusiasm. it was extraordinary. >> the grabbing him, mauling him, snatching his cuff links, kids on tricycles and bikes helping along the motorcade. >> join us weekni
at arlington national cemetery next to the graves of his brothers, president john f. kennedy and sen. robert kennedy. some call the kennedys america's royal family. in an hbo documentary, it's called "ted kennedy," talks about his own family and his own life. we want to show you parts of that documentary that we have found. here it is. >> from my earliest beginnings, our house has been the scrapbook for our family. all of the really major times of joy and triumph and some of sadness and disappointment have been a part of these pictures. >> i've grown up in a large family. i was the ninth member of that family. the relationship between brothers and sisters was extremely close. all during the 30s and 40s, my father was one that would challenge all the members of the family. he could spot when you were not measuring up and not giving your all. >> that's just beginning of it. we will show you more of this after the break, including a look at ted kennedy as that pudgy-faced kid with his brothers and mom and dad. unbelievable video. something i have never known or seen before. ted kennedy was a co
brothers were assassinated, president john f. kennedy in '63 and presidential candidate robert kennedy in '68. while so many americans think about those kennedys and wonder what might have been, ted kennedy was with us for 77 years. and in countless ways, he lifted the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the united states and around the world. >> david to his family, kennedy was the loving palt patriarch. a family statement released today says in part we've lost the irrelaysable center of our family and joyous light in our lives but the inspiration of his faith, optimism and perfect severance will live on in our hearts forever. most americans knew ted kennedy as the senior senator from massachusetts. hess achievements including health care, civil rights, education, family leave access for the disabled, improving working conditions. senator kennedy, by the way, wrote 2500 bills, 300 of them becoming law. >> he was also a driving force for peace in ireland and a persistent critic of the war in iraq. in the midst of it all, kennedy dominated the national political stage, a stage th
a different level. >> robert kennedy wasn't a cool politician like his older brother jack. he was emotional, intense, full of passion. >> the inadequacy of human compassion, the defectiveness of our sensibility, with the sufferings of our fellows, they mark the limit of our ability to use knowledge for the well being of our fellow human beings throughout the world. >> and as the vietnam war death toll rose and protestors took to the streets, bobby found his voice. >> we lose nothing by sitting down with the north vietnamese to see if we can resolve this conflict and i am in favor of doing that. >> even though he wanted to reclaim the white house bobby wasn't ready to take on the president who was expanding the war, a war his brother had backed. >> he was quite resolute that he wasn't going to run. then it became clear we couldn't really go through another four years of the johnson presidency. >> part of them said you don't undertake something unless you think you can win. part of them said you have to do what's right. >> while bobby anguished another anti-war candidate stepped up. minnesota
the kennedy clan were on hand. here caroline kennedy, chris kennedy, and robert kennedy jr. the kennedy family saying thank you to americans as americans said thank you and good-bye to the family patriarch, senator edward kennedy. as long as these mourners keep coming here tonight, this jfk library will stay open. from boston i'm steve handlesman reporting. back to you. >> thank you, steve. >> preparations are under way for the burial at rir ar ling ton national cemetery eechlt be buried with congressional honors on saturday. a bugleer will play taps and they will fire 21 volleys and there will be pallbearers represents each branch the military. senator kennedy will be buried near the graves of his brothers john and robert kennedy. it will be closed to the public all day for the private service. >>> we're learning more tonight about a sophisticated crime ring that got ahold of bank accounts belonging to federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. he and his wife were not the only victims, but the story shows how easy it is to have your identity stolen. craig melvin joins us from starbucks on capito
brothers, john and robert. >>> key question right now, how will ted kennedy's successor to the senate be selected? massachusetts law requires a special election five months after an opening. last week kennedy asked state lawmakers to change the law to allow the governor to appoint an interim successor as long as that person pledges no to run for the seat. the governor said he supports changing the law, but although the state is dominated by democrats, there's no guarantee the law will be changed. >>> also, any change couldn't happen until lawmakers return to formal sessions sometime after labor day. >>> now, so for the past -- or so, for the first time, actually, in more than 50 years, we have a united states senate without a kennedy. and that got us thinking about the kennedy dynasty and who, if anyone, in the family might replace him as a political leader. so, we're bringing in our cnn's wolf blitzer. and, wolf, what we've done we've put together sort of the line of senator ted kennedy himself. so, let's go ahead and take a look, starting off with edward kennedy here. and the fact t
our america. robert kennedy challenged our america. our teddy, changed america. >> his personal life revolved around family. he embraced the role of patriarch. >> every single one of my brothers and sisters needed a father. we gained 130 uncle teddy. >> teddy has become a part of history. we have become the ones who have to deal with all of the things he would have done. >> larger-than-life figure in family and politics. he is inspiring the next generation to follow in his footsteps. following the ceremony, his body will be taken to arlington national cemetery where he will be very very close to his brothers. nbc news. >> you can much's funeral live right here on wbal-tv 11 at 10:00 this morning. at 5:30 in the afternoon, we will carry his burial plot. and meet the press will be a special tribute to him and the family dynasty on sunday morning. ♪ >> our other big story is a tropical stanley that we have been falling. >> heavy rains have been moving through the area overnight. >> john collins has been calling its a flat tire. >> danny is deflated considerably, no longer a tropical s
kennedy inspired our america. robert kennedy challenged our america. and are teddy changed america. >> the three hours of intensely personal memories followed two days of public viewing by kennedy's other family. in estimated 50,000 people filed past the flag draped coffin, sharing gratitude and hope. >> he was an inspiration to so many people around the world. it is just wonderful to be part of that. >> after a short flight from martha's vineyard, the president and first lady arrived to dever the eulogy at the funeral. leon? >>> a funeral mass will be held at 10:30 tomorrow morning at our lady of perpetual help, also known as the mission church in boston. about 1005 other people are expected to attend, including former presidents george bibby bush, bill clinton, and jimmy carter. -- about 1500 people are expected to attend. >>> to mar the tribute shifts to he nation's capital, winding through washington won its way to arlington national cemetery -- tomorrow. the motorcade will stop at the u.s. capitol, and that is where stephen tschida is. >> we expect a large crowd tomorrow as pe
in arlington national cemetary near the graves of his brothers, john and robert, ted kennedy will be laid to rest this evening. wyatt andrews reports on how that spot was chosen. wyatt. >> reporter: jeff, good evening. it has long been ted kennedy's dream to join his brothers jack and bobby here at arlington national cemetary. but the story of how this political family came here to this military cemetery is one that began by accident. the kennedys' appreciation for arlington started when president john kennedy decided to take a random sunday drive. it was march of 1963, eight months before his assassination. >> it was a late day, a late winter day. >> reporter: according to journalist and author robert pool kennedy happened to sdrif to the cemetery and then decided to walk this hill. >> he walked to about where we are. >> reporter: as the president absorbed the view overlooking the lincoln memorial, pool says he foretold his fate. >> first he said, "wouldn't this be a great place for the white house." and the second thing he says is, "so beautiful, i could stay here forever." of course it
brothers, president kennedy and robert kennedy. >> jim, thanks. i should mention the burial ceremony will be offered live here on this nbc station. tom brokaw will be along for that coverage. michael, all these many days, people have been talking about his life and career in the senate. and more than one staffer quoted as saying, people in other states who had two senators, after all, didn't necessarily know who their senators were, so letters would just come to senator ted kennedy, the one senator they thought they knew. really an incredible sweep of power. >> and i think if they asked ted kennedy to do something for them, even if they were from wyoming or utah, he probably did it. you know, that was part of what he did. jack kennedy and bobby kennedy always felt that the senate was a weigh station. ted kennedy, needless to say, took it very seriously. >> seriously he did. and you see the distinguished guests, about 1,500 people received invitations to be part of this gathering today. and a look at any section of the crowd will turn up famous names and faces from law, politics, news
. robert kennedy challenged our america. and our teddy changed america. >> reporter: his personal life revolved often family, one where he embraced the role of patriarch. >> every single one of my brothers and sisters needed a father, and we gained one through uncle teddy. >> now teddy has become a part of history, and we have become the one whose have to do all the things he would have done. ♪ when irish eyes are happy >> reporter: a larger-than-life figure in both family and politics, no inspiring the next generation to follow in his footsteps. and once again live here. a lot of people are beginning to arrive. of course, we're expecting president obama later this morning who will give the eulogy after the funeral services, ted kennedy's body will be flown to arlington national cemetery, where he will be buried near his brothers jack and rock earth. i'm michelle franzen in boston. now back to you. >> michelle, thank you. after today's funeral mass, people in the nation's capitol will have a chance to pay respects to senator kennedy. his funeral procession will travel through the dis
is that for a political event? >> yeah, you know. this is a man who after robert kennedy died, was responsible more or less directly for being the father or father figure for 16 kids. >> true. >> and the number only increased as years went by. that will do it for us for tonight. for chris matthews, i'm keith olbermann. our coverage of senator kennedy's funeral mass begins tomorrow morning at 10:00 eastern. please join us then and join chris at the top of the hour for his fine documentary "the kennedy brothers." right now, we are going to join "headliners and legends," the ted kennedy story told from that perspective which we are joining already in progress as the events of the jfk library in boston wrap up for another evening. we join you in the morning for the formal funeral. >>> november 22, 1963. a day that changes everything for the american people. the kennedy family, and for the young senator from massachusetts. >> two priests who were with president kennedy say he is dead. >> the assassination of john f. kennedy affected that whole family almost in a way that is unimaginable for any of us be
robert bird of west virginia. he was diagnosed with brain cancer last may. ted kennedy was 77 years old. >>> senator kennedy served the people of massachusetts in the senate, but he also made a significant impact right here in washington. news4 ease tracee wilkins is joining us live outside the holy trinity catholic church in northwest washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when the senator attended services in washington, this is the church he would visit. in 1963 when he first became a senator, this was the church that he and his wife belonged to when they lived here in georgetown. senator kennedypent most o his former years with his mother who taught him the family's catholic faith among the death of his two other brothers. he was a father to three children and surrogate father to more than two dozen nieces and nephews. governor schwarne'sggzeerze wif was eshaslere ted easreleed this st. heno wre kaswn t k t woldor as e lion of ldthnasete,e a champio iaofteus soc jltind a j a.icon stca .lonicti most importantly, he was the o ov lamiging husband, father, brother and un
senator from massachusetts, on her left, and on her right the attorney general, robert kennedy. >> i'm sure that people watching would like to hear from you how mrs. jackie kennedy and the two small children are getting along? >> well, they have their good days and their difficult days. >> the -- john, the young boy, is extremely vigorous and interested in everything, and caroline gets along quite well. >> they have an understanding of what happened? >> well, i imagine as much as children can have. >> if life and death had a meaning, it is that we should not hate but love one another. no memorial or eulogy would more honor president kennedy's memory than the passage of the civil rights bill which he fought to fast along. it is in this spirit that i hope senate would pass this bill. >> we interrupt to bring you this bulletin. a plane carrying said ward m. kennedy to the democratic national convention reportedly crashed tonight. senator kennedy was reportedly injured. there are two our occupants on the plane and they are trapped in the wreck. >> we don't know at this point whether sena
, and presidential candidate, robert kennedy. >> all the time, as he said despite the tragedies, despite his own mistakes, he says you can keep fighting. i think as a niece and member of this family, it was important for all of us to see this, our uncle in the toughest times always keep fighting. never giving up. and saying to each of us, you can do it too. inspiring us, and helping us, and building us. >> kathleen kennedy townsend is the daughter of robert f. kennedy, she shared a favorite memory of her uncle. >> my favorite memory of him is, once i went sailing with my father and him. i was a ballast. i got really wet, and despite the whole race, you said it might be tough out there, it might be rainy, it might be going, but keep going. >> 77-year-old ted kennedy died last week, following a battle with brain cancer. as senator kennedy is laid to rest, the healthcare debate is about to be raised in congress. kate bolden has that story. >> reporter: sunday, following the burial of senator edward kennedy, a champion of health care reform, democratic lawmakers hoped kennedy's memory will inspire p
day. >> reporter: according to journalist and author robert pool kennedy happened to sdrif to the cemetery and then decided to walk this hill. >> he walked to about where we are. >> reporter: as the president absorbed the view overlooking the lincoln memorial, pool says he foretold his fate. >> first he said, "wouldn't this be a great place for the white house." and the second thing he says is, "so beautiful, i could stay here forever." of course it proved to be, sadly prophetic statement because a few months later he was dead, and this is where he end up forever. >> reporter: the day after john kennedy was shot, as he lay in the capitol rotunda, jackie kennedy slipped away to visit arlington, finding a spot on that very same kill and on the same straight line facing the lincoln memorial, she decided the president would come here, not to massachusetts. >> she said she wanted him here so that he would belong to the country. >> reporter: what the country saw next had never been seen before on live television, not just a presidential burial, but the precise, dignified ceremoni
will be lay to rest at the arlington cemetery near john and robert. >> kennedy died tuesday at the age of 77 after a year-long battle with brain cancer. for more about kennedy, go to >> a young woman found dead in a vehicle today. live in the news room with the developing story. >> city police say they responded to a call and discovered a young woman shot many the head and the chest. the scene was still blocked off with crime tape as investigators collected evidence. they found the body inside an suv. police have not identified the woman but believe she's in her 30s. >> thank you. police ask you to call if you have any information about the case. in the northeast section of the city, a police-involved shooting ends with a woman wounded. police say they tried to stop a car when the driver tried to run them down. the driver got out and ran away. it's a woman passenger whose arm was hit. they're not sure if she was hit by a bullet or broken glass. >> danny is strengthening towards the east coast. the top winds are near 50 miles per hour. danny is on a path to clip the u.s., we coul
's two children. and then, the 11 children of robert kennedy. ted kennedy did serve as the patriarch of this family. it was so ironic. ted kennedy was the youngest of nine children. it's safe to say that the at least was expected of him in the kennedy family. but it turned out, that the most was asked. he was the young, chubby kid that people made fun of. and was really the family jokester. but by a very young age. a very young age. by the death of robert kennedy in 1968, he had to become a leader of this sprawling family. and a pillar, not just for his own kids, but for so many others. >> how did the last year of his life affect his ability to do his job? and how did it also have an impact on our current president. >> reporter: i'm not standing that far from the hospital where he was diagnosed with the brain cancer. he came out waving. i remember. i was there. he had strong, valiant, courageous demeanor about him, like he was going to fight. and he did. he kept going. as much as he could. he was in the u.s. senate. not often. but briefly, not after he had surgery on the tumor. and t
was very cautious. and really had to be pushed into civil rights action, for example. robert kennedy more so. and i think in retrospect, my guess is that ted kennedy took his inspiration more from robert kennedy than from his older brothers. >> chris dodd said at the wake for ted kennedy that one of the reasons he was so successful is that people liked him. was that the key to his ability to work with members of other parties? because certainly other senators tried to do that. other senators have served as long or longer and other senators are knowledgeable. was it the kennedy name or what was it that made him so able to work with other senators and carry them along? >> only two other senators in history served longer than ted kennedy. strom thurmond and robert byrd. part of it was longevity. he came from an era in the senate where people did get along, where people were friends. they could be adversaries on legislation but they ultimately could put those kinds of things aside. a man known for small gestures for remembering your children's names and for gifts and small kindnesses that i t
kennedy and john f. kennedy and robert kennedy. she is the mother of maria shriver. >> a little bit of light rain tried to push through portions of maryland. a lot of heat and humidity is on the way. temperatures are still on the mild side with plenty of cloud cover. 76 degrees to the airport. 79 at the harbor. ♪ ♪ once you've dealt with the things that come between you... don't let erectile dysfunction get in the way. ♪ va ♪ viagra! viagra...america's most prescribed ed treatment... can help you enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience. to learn more, spend some quality time with ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. don't take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain... as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting... more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away... if you experience a sudden decrease in vision or hearing. now's the time. ask your docto
, kathleen, eunice, patricia, robert and gene. the kennedy children dote on rosemary, who was born mentally handicapped. rose kennedy would later write that it was rosemary who instilled in her siblings the desire to help the less fortunate, a value reinforced by their farther. >> joe kennedy impossessed on all of the children, you had advantages. that doesn't make you better than the next guy. because you had advantages, you have a duty to give something back. >> joe kennedy sr. is a shrewd businessman who makes a fortune in stocks, banks and the movie business. he cashes out of the stock market before the crash of 1929, saving his fortune. during the depression that follows, he decides to change paths and focus on a future in politics. >> joe sr. really felt that public life was the most exciting, fascinating part of american life in the '30s and the '40s and the '50s. >> in 1932 joe kennedy sr. makes his first foray into public life. he enlists in franklin delano roosevelt's presidential campaign in the hopes of landing a job in the new administration. the year also marks a personal mile
kennedys that we know of, john, robert, and ted, and i think the country will be less of a country from his passing. >> suarez: patricia klath brought her grandchildren to the kennedy library today. >> i have a tremendous admiration for how going after tragedy, tragedy, tragedy and he became the patriarch of that family and that's not an easy family to be patriarch of, its so large anyway- but how beautifully he represented it. something deep within, glue maybe called love that carried the day. >> suarez: senator edward moore kennedy will lie in repose at the kennedy library thursday and friday. a funeral mass will be held in boston on saturday. later that day, he will be buried at arlington national cemetery, across the potomac from washington, on the hillside where his brothers john and robert, and his sister-in-law jacqueline, were all laid to rest. >> woodruff: we'll have much more on senator kennedy's life and legacy later in the program. >> woodruff: in other news today, the lieutenant governor of south carolina asked embattled republican governor mark sanford to resign. in june, sanf
action, for example. robert kennedy mo so. and ihink in retrospet, my guess is that te kenedy took his inspiration mre fro robert kennedy an from his older brohers. >> chris dodd said at the wake fo ted kennedy th one of the reasons he was so sucessful is that people iked hm. w that the key to h ability to workith members of other parties? cause certainly other senators tried to dothat. other senatorsave served s long orlonger and otr nators are knowledgeable. was the kennedy name or what was it hat made him so ae to work with her senators and carry them along? >> onltwo other senators in history serv longer thanted kennedy. strom thmond and robert byrd. part of it was ongevity. he came from an era in the senate where people did t alon where people wee iends. they coud be adversaes on legislation but they ultately cod put those kinds of tings aside. a man known for mallgestures foremembering your children's nam and for gifts a small kindnesses that i think meanta lot to his olleagues. >> i have no idea how in that busy life that he led that he managed to carve ut time to do so many ac
. him. >> they followed him. >> john fitzgerald kennedy inspired our america. robert kennedy challenged our america. our teddy, changed america. >> his personal life revolved around family. he embraced the role of patriarch. >> every single one of my brothers and sisters needed a father. we gained 130 uncle teddy. -- one through an uncle teddy. >> teddy has become a part ofwe have become the ones who have he would have done. >> larger-than-life figure in family and politics. he is inspiring the next generation to follow in his footsteps. once again live here. a lot of people are beginning to arrive. we are expecting president obama later this morning will give the eulogy after the funeral services ted kennedy's body will be taken to arlington cemetery were he will be buried near his brothers and jack and robert. in boston, now back to you. >> you can watch his funeral live right here. at 5:30 in the afternoon, we will carry is very alive. there will be a special tribute to him on meet the press. that is tomorrow. it is following 11 news at 10. >>a disturbing discovery at a home. horribl
will remember john kennedy and robert kennedy as the promise and ted kennedy was the fulfillment of the gaddy promise. >> people would say -- of the kennedy promised. >> people would say that health care is his signature issue, but i would say it is civil rights because from the earliest days in the senate, that was his issue, all the way through the americans with disabilities act. >> i think that is absolutely right. people forget one of his first legislative achievements in 1965 was as chairman of fiduciary subcommittee regret the integration lotaws which at the time allowed europeans and asians and africans to emigrate at the same level. >> a child of privilege, the son of one of the bulk of his men in america the time. where did his concern for others -- one of the wealthiest man in america at the time. 9 for others come from? >> he joined the senate and his brother had just promised a civil rights bill. he did not see it through. ted kennedy came along at the time when the civil rights movement was at its height. he was there to see it moved through to become a lot. it was a fighter --
these events. i remember robert kennedy's funeral at st. patrick's cathedral in new york at which ted kennedy spoke so eloquently. and remember president kennedy's funeral. you can only plan so much and your hope keeps you going in the sense that you will not have to do this for a long time. that is the only answer i can give you to that one. >> it sounds like a lot of people are still sharing tt hope, even at 11-year-old girl. >> the clouds are not only assembling -- the crowds are not only assembling there in boston, but also at the arlington national cemetery ahead of his ceremony on saturday. president jack kennedy and center robert kennedy are buried there as well. >> he did a lot for people until the end. >> i think they are a great family. we have lost a great politician, a person who cares about people. >> senator kennedy himself planned his funeral arrangements with his wife, vicki. >> here is a list of some of that -- we will have a lis of some of the people touched by senator kennedy. we also have that on our website >> we are on storm watch tonight, keeping an eye on som
robert kennedy jr. is about to walk by esper did meade we can get a shot of him info he has become a famous environmentalist. he is the son of robert kennedy jr.. he is coming in to pay his respects. these are some of his children with him. robert kennedy jr. is one of the 11 children that were born to senator robert kennedy and his wife ethel kennedy. it is easy to get into the big picture here. this is a very personal moment for this family that has lost a patriarch of the family. i wanted to have a it's joined by senator john warner. he has known tennillle can -- teddy kennedy for many years. they were colleagues for many years in the senate. i am very pleased to have him with us. thank you and welcome. >> i am very pleased and honored to join americans coast-to- coast and indeed people all over the world in this quiet reflection on a great man. martha: talk to me a little bit about -- some of the difference is that you had in the senate over the years and also how your friendship was able to supercede those differences as well. >> let's start with the latter. several things we
know" and the latest in iran. >> frank mankiewicz. his years as robert kennedy's press secretary, campaign manager for george mcgovern, and the time where walter cronkite was considered for vice president. >> coincide supreme court to see the public places and those rarely seen spaces. hear directly from justices as they provide their insights about the court and the building. the supreme court -- home to america's highest court. first sunday in october on c- span. >> this is c-span's "america and the courts." next, kathleen sullivan will review important cases from the recent supreme court term. she spoke at the ninth circuit court judicial conference in monterey, calif., last month. >> thank you, judge fisher, and welcome. it is an enormous honor and privilege to be with you here at the ninth circuit and with so many friends and admirers colleagues. my task is to talk about the last term the supreme court. i thought we would get the morning started with fleeting excellence. i do not just mean what you said on the golf course the other day. although that is not just a joke. just
of robert kennedy's 11 kids for a time did follow their father's path. kathleen was lieutenant governor of maryland but left politics after losing a bid for governor in 2002. >> joseph ii is a former congressman whose political career stalled after a messy scandal in 1998 following the end of his first marriage. >> our responsibility in this house... >> reporter: ted kennedy's youngest child, patrick, entered politics at 21 and currently serves as congressman from rhode island. but with three seminal figures in american politics now all gone and only one kennedy remaining in public office, the question remains has the kennedy legacy come to a close? >> i think they're really reshaping and redrawing this legacy to be about public service and not necessarily& political office. >> reporter: robert kennedy's daughter say humanitarian, rory, a documentary filmmaker whose projects focus on the poor and disadvantaged. his son, bobby jr., is a prominent environmentalist. >> i think my parents tried to teach us was that our education, the talents that we'd been given the money, the privilege, th
between him and robert kennedy. jackie kennedy who loved her brother-in-law robert pretty much felt the same way as he did by 1966, '67. oddly enough, lbj always said teddy is the one i really like. he has always treated me decently even though teddy had turned against the vietnam war by 1968, they had a pretty civilized relationship. and, you know, no one would have known it in a time but that was in a way a precursor the time of relationships that ted kennedy maintained in the senate with people like orrin hatch with whom he very much disagreed. >> michael, tell me a little bit about it teddy kennedy's decision not to run for the presidency in 1976. we all know that 1972 seemed too close to chappaquiddick and we know he ran in 1980 but 1976 you had a tarnished republican party would have seemed like the perfect opportunity and certainly someone who was not well known at the time jimmy carter ultimately got through and became president of the united states. why did teddy not run in 1976? >> really good point. i think he still felt chappaquiddick was too recent, his family was in so
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